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Looking Geek

Show off your love and devotion to your favorite fandom with one of our beautifully crafted necklaces.

Geek Events

Each month we will let you know what is going on in the verse of geek culture.

Funko! Mania

Let’s talk Funko, we will be discuss what’s new, and hot in the ever expanding world of Funko figures.

Tales from the Long Box

Once a month we will highlight an interview with some heavy hitters in the comic book business.

Gossip Geek

All the latest Rumors, and Gossip about everything geek.

The Good, The Bad, and The Geektastic

These days geek culture is everywhere, conventions, television, movies, and even products. We will be your guiding light through it all, what is worth your time, and what you should put down and slowly walk away from.

Jewelry and T-Shirts from your favorite TV shows and Movies.

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