This month’s Horror Block is the first time I have been slightly disappointed. This, however, is not the fault of the company but of my own horror tastes.

The box came on time this month, which was a nice surprise considering what was inside probably wouldn’t have been worth the wait for me.

Horror Block gives away hints on their Facebook page as to what will be inside that month’s box. This month they said our box would include something related to the Saw series and something having to do with zombies. Naturally, with their two previous boxes containing a Funko Pop vinyl figure, my first inclination was that the Saw item would be the Billy the puppet Pop. The zombie hint could have been anything really but The Walking Dead is always a decent guess to make when pertaining to zombies these days.

So, I opened my box and inside was a NECA Cult Classics Jigsaw figure with the pig mask on, a Tales From the Crypt comic, a cheesy zombie window decal, a bone shaped pen, a Rue Morgue magazine and an Alien Xenomorph t-shirt.

I’m not a Saw collector so I really didn’t have any interest in the figure. I would have been happy with the Billy Pop because I do collect those horror figures. I can’t hold that against them, though, because they can’t possibly appease everyone according to what they collect.

Moving on, the Tales from the Crypt comic was a cool addition since I cannot think of a single horror fan I know that doesn’t love that show.

I liked the Alien Xenomorph shirt but it wasn’t my favorite. I own cooler Alien related tees that I will wear first.

The zombie decal and bone pen were cheap additions and just two more things to add to the pile of items to give away to people who will enjoy them more than I.

The Rue Morgue is standard with the box, so there was no surprise that was in there. I do wish they would have given us Fangoria or Horrorhound instead but I understand this is a Canadian company working with a Canadian based horror magazine.

The Beast Block this month was pretty impressive including a PS4 with The Last of Us, Seasons 1-4 of The Walking Dead on Blu-Ray, a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man bank, a Battle Damaged Classic Predator Mask and A Nightmare on Elm Street replica Freddy glove.

I won’t let just one month ruin the subscription for me considering I have loved the past two. I am looking forward to the next few months of boxes considering Halloween is coming up. Maybe I will get lucky with a Michael Myers related item or two. Here’s hoping!

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