For September, Horror Block gave hints as to what we could expect in our box this month.

The first hint was pretty straight to the point, showing a Rue Morgue book surrounded by flames. Obviously, we were getting a special edition Rue Morgue of some sort.hint

The second hint was a picture of a Jason mask and machete, Freddy glove and shirt and a chainsaw, an obvious reference to Leatherface.

Today the box came and sure enough, there was a pretty awesome special edition Rue Morgue book entitled Horror Heroes. Also included was a really great Pennywise shirt from the Stephen King film IT.

Now we come to the costume we were hinted to. My friends and I spent weeks wondering what kind of amazing Freddy, Jason or Leatherface item we were going to get. The items in the picture were special or limited editions. Certainly I didn’t expect to get a special edition Freddy Krueger glove with metal knives but I had my fingers crossed for a nice Jason mask, better than the cheap glow in the dark ones usually found as costume stores.

Instead of ancontentsy horror icon items, the costume consisted of an Iron Maiden Eddie mask, an awful shirt that I am to assume is possibly some sort of zombie and some temporary facial tattoos of nails, pencils and other various items that are supposed to appear to be coming out of your face.

Needless to say, this month was disappointing. They have already announced that October’s horror block would include something Jason Voorhees related. Since it is the October box, the month that holds the best holiday of all time, that Jason item better be amazing to make up for their incredibly misleading and lackluster hint this month.

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