When Skyrocket toys, sent us some product samples to review, I was really excited (see the Fart Piano review). In the bottom of the box there was a smaller package that contained the Prank Star Quick-Attach Microscope. I didn’t think much about it in that moment as I was completely consumed by the idea of a Fart Piano. It just seemed a little gimmicky to me, and I just knew that it wouldn’t work that great.scope pkg

So, my wife and daughter opened it and attached it to my wife’s phone to check it out. They started talking about how cool this “thing” was while I tried to master Chopsticks on the Fart Piano. I glanced over to check it out and found that this thing actually was indeed cool. It can magnify items up to 30X, and you can, of course take pictures of whatever you zoom in on.

It clips right over your smart phone camera lens and has a built in light. The only real drawback is, if you have a case on your phone, you will have to remove it to attach the microscope.

This thing turned into hours of fun. We checked out everything from our pets, our couch, clothes, hair, even our eyeballs!! Now, as I sit here, I cannot telmicroscopel you why any of this was fun, but it was a great time. We instantly became scientists. We went room to room looking for different things to view under our new microscope. Some were interesting, some were funny, and some were downright creepy.

For the amount of fun we have had with it, it is well worth the price. You can pick one up at Amazon, Toys R Us, or any similar store for about $14.99. Pick one up for the “scientist” in your family.

Check out all of Skyrocket’s great stuff at www.skyrockettoys.com

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