The Build on Brick Mug by ThinkGeek is more than a regular drink mug; it is a wonderful, creative mug for older kids and adults. It would be recommended for older children cause of the choking hazard of the small building bricks otherwise it’s great for most everyone. You can take it with you on trips, (it doesn’t fit in a standard cup holder) use it in meetings, and work, or just enjoy a cup of joe at

This mug is amazing and can inspire you to build anything your mind desires and have fun while doing it. The best thing about the mug is that it is compatible with most building bricks and can hold a lot of them as well.

Now, even though it is a really cool mug it still has a couple of problems. The first is the side is a little bulky which makes it difficult to drink out of the mug. Another problem I found was, on the back there are holes that hold the bricks backwards which is a little annoying but what is really irritating is that my bricks didn’t fit in these holes. The bricks may not fit in the holes but they do fit on the back of the handle. These are my only complaints, but they are fairly frustrating.

You can buy it from, for only 19.99. You can get it in grey but if you are a Geek Points Member you can get in blue. I would recommend this drink mug to anyone and everyone. This mug is just a spectacular item to have with you where ever you go.

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