Every year Funko releases a gigantic list of San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figures. They also feel the cruel need to torture us with a hint list every year, so we can speculate about the upcoming exclusives. This year, Funko has a whopping 86 different exclusive figures for SDCC. They are keeping it a little more under wraps this year as the hint list only consists of 52 of them. I am going to share my torture with you,  with the full list. How many can  you guess right?

Without further adieu, here is this year’s hint list:

  1. These Mystery Minis didn’t fare so well with all the fire and ice!
  2.  These Mystery Minis came all the way from the 616 Universe! 
  3. These Mystery Minis really are from a small world after all! 
  4. This Legacy Figure is ready to battle! 
  5.  This Legacy Figure is glowing white
  6. This ReAction Figure is on the hunt! SPLATTERED!
  7. This black and white ReAction Figure is ready for take off!
  8. This captain is coming to you ReAction style!
  9. This ReAction Figure will make you scream “BABY RUTH!”
  10. What’s this?! A ReAction Figure and his canine friend!
  11. A blood splattered hitman in ReAction style! 
  12. A chatty blood splattered hitman in ReAction style! 
  13. You’ll love this ReAction figures HAT! 
  14. A Direwolf you can actually pet in Pop! Form! 
  15. This Pop! will make you lose your head! 
  16. This Pop! will also make you scream “BABY RUTH!”
  17. These four Pop!’s got a little messy!
  18. One of these Pop!’s is METALLIC and the other is covered in Ectoplasmic ooze!
  19. This green Pop! now GLOWS!
  20. The destructor Pop! has been chosen and this time he glows! 
  21. One of these Pop!’s is hungry and the other one’s world has been turned upside down!
  22. This sorcerer Pop! glows!
  23. This cat Pop! is flocked!
  24. These best buds come together in a Prehistoric Pop! Set COLOR #1
  25. These best buds come together in a Prehistoric Pop! Set COLOR #2
  26. These best buds come together in a Prehistoric Pop! Set COLOR #3
  27. Blam! This Pop! is fragging flocked!
  28. A blood splattered hitman in Pop! form! 
  29. A chatty blood splattered hitman in Pop! form!
  30. This popular helper Pop! is wearing a disguise!
  31. This popular helper Pop! is also wearing a disguise!
  32. This princess Pop! GLOWS!
  33. This living electronic device does it all- it even glows!
  34. Two animated worlds collide to make in a classic mash-up in the first ever Pop! tin box!
  35. This bloody glow Pop! wants to a play a game.
  36. This Pop! can glow, but he can’t get too warm. 
  37. We caught this Pop! in the middle of a transformation!
  38. Brrr! This Pop! needs to warm up.
  39. This bloody Pop! is no stranger to a little blood.
  40. This injured Pop! thought that high school was going to be tough… 
  41. This bounty hunter Pop! came from the future! 
  42. This bloody Pop! goes a little crazy for a full moon! 
  43. This Pop! is the scariest natural disaster of all time and it’s soaked in blood! 
  44. He’s a bloody Pop! and he has a taste for flesh!
  45. Yo! This Pop! is bloody, beaten, and bruised!
  46. This Pop! is cooking… and he glows!
  47. This beast of a Pop! is undead!
  48. This acrobatic Vinyl Figure had a dark makeover! 
  49. This famous DJ also had a dark makeover!
  50. This Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure is icy!
  51. This Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure is a fierce vigilante!
  52. This Hikari Vinyl Figure looks tubular!

Fugitive Toys, however is a little less cruel and has been nice enough to show us a couple of the exclusive Funko Pops they will be bringing out at SDCC this year.  Earlier this week they showed us sneak previews of their White Lantern Flash and White Lantern Superman figures via their Instagram account. I am a huge fan of the Blackest Night story line from DC Comics, so I can’t even tell you how excited I am for the release of these two figures. They are going to go perfectly with my Black Flash, Blackest Night Batman, and Blue Lantern Flash that I picked up from Fugitive Toys at Phoenix Comicon.


White Lantern Flash



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