When cuff links are thought about, it is generally in more of a utilitarian sense. They are not usually at the forefront of topics about things that are cool. I assure you that one trip to Cufflinks Inc’s website will completely change your mind on the topic.

Cufflinks Ir2d2 cufflinksnc has turned cuff links into conversation pieces. They carry lines that range from the elegant to the hilarious and everything in between, from your standard engraved cuff links, to elaborate animals, tools, or sport designs, each more unique than the last. In addition to all of this they have licenses with sports teams, general motors, and more, but what really caught my eye was their license agreements with DC comics, Star Trek, and Star Wars. These are not the cheap novelty cuff links that we have all seen at countless conventions. They are truly high end works of art.r2d2 pocket square

In the Star Wars line alone, you have countless options. There are characters, ships, even movie poster cuff links. The best part of all is that it’s not just cuff links. They carry a full line of money clips, silk ties (both straight and bow tie), pocket scarves, and more. You don’t have to limit displaying your geek pride to just cuff links. You can put a whole ensemble together and look incredible in the process.

They are constantly adding more to each collection, so keep an eye out at Cufflinks Inc. to see what they come up with next.

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