Skyrocket Toys’ Fart Piano is the greatest thing ever. Think about it, I bet you cannot even say the words “Fart Piano” without at least cracking a smile. It is truly genius in its simplicity, and it does exactly what you are imagining. It is a small piano that makes fart sounds. To be fair, it also makes burping and vomit sounds, there are five settings in all. I have no idea why it is so hilarious, other than the fact that the nine year old boy in me still thinks that farts are funny, and apparently so does everybody else.

I brought it into work with me as a test, and as people would come into my office and greet me, I would respond with a strike of one of the Fart Piano keys. Not only was this absolutely hilari

ous for me, they found it hilarious as well. Now, keep in mind that I also work with people with senses of humor. It may not bode well at other places of employment but, I say give it a shot anyway.

Yes. It is just a novelty item, but it is the most awesome novelty item that I have had in my possession in a very long time.


fart piano







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