When I was a kid, your social status was gauged by a few factors, but none more important than how cool your lunch box was. The second I saw ThinkGeek’s Tactical Lunch Kit, I immediately knew that I would have the coolest lunch box in the office. I was absolutely right. I didn’t even make it to my office, before someone stopped me to ask about it. I demonstrated all of the features to my co-worker proudly. As I showed off the side pouches and resealable Tactical Nourishment pack (a really fancy sandwich bag), he became more and more interested. Once I got around to showing the thermos, which of course has a cup for a lid, he was asking where I bought it. Similar incidents occurred throughout my day. Everyone that entered my office was asking about my “lunch box”. Even though it is, in fact, a cooler, everyone in my office insisted on calling it my “lunch box”. Lunch time, however, was where I was really able to show off, I had a room full of people fully enthralled with my “lunch box”.

The Tactical Lunch Kit is, by far, the coolest lunch box I have had in a long time. The cooler works really well, and the side mounted pouches are great for storing smaller items like juice packets, or small snacks that you may not want in the cooler compartment. The thermos seals nice and tight, so there is no worry of spillage, and the locking spout makes it much easier to pour.

I absolutely love my new “lunch box” and look forward to using it more.

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