When you are thinking about adding a beautifully sculpted highly detailed display piece to your collection, I’m sure that your first thought does not gravitate toward a bank. I would have agreed with you before I laid eyes on the banks that are being offered up by Diamond Select.

No matter what y20140807-104409-38649035.jpgou are into, they truly do have something for anyone (at least anyone who would be on this site). For my comic geeks, they have Ninja Turtles, Walking Dead (comic, not TV show), Batman, Transformers, and more. If you are one of our horror geeks, they have everything from classic Universal Monsters (available in color or the classic black and white) to Aliens. For our sci-fi geeks, you can choose from a selection of Ghostbusters (including a HUGE 24” Stay Puft Marshmallow man), or a whole slew of Star Wars banks (everything from characters to vehicles). If you just want a really cool conversation piece, you can pick up the Fertility Idol from Indiana Jones (my personal favorite) or the Buddy Christ.20140807-104605-38765040.jpg

Each bank is approximately eight inches tall. They vary in scale , as some of them are character busts, and some are fully scaled replicas.

Diamond Select20140807-104604-38764999.jpg was nice enough to send us the Bride of Frankenstein bank so we could get a closer look. I assure you this thing is flawless. They captured every detail from her arm bandages to the stitches on her face. To be honest, it’s almost a little creepy how detailed this thing actually is. It may never be used as a bank, but it will certainly continue to look cool on my shelf.
Check out all of their great stuff at Diamond Select






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