The VRÜM from Wicked Cool Toys is genius on wheels. It is a children’s push bike that kids will love, featuring the visage of manironman Vrumy children’s favorite characters like Iron Man, Batman, Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Spiderman, Disney Princesses, and Ninja Turtles. If that wasn’t cool enough, the VRÜM also acts as a toybox/suitcase. Kids can load it up with their toys, clothes, or whatever else they want, and ride or carry it to wherever they are going.

Each VRÜM comes with a strap that can be used to pull or carry it, and a handle bar for comfort when riding. The VRÜM is a perfect toy for kids on the move and parents will be thankful that kids will be more than willing to cBatman Vrum Insidearry their own stuff. The VRÜM  is more than roomy enough to pack a child’s clothes for a short vacation trip as well. It’s also convenient for at home, as it gives kids a place to store toys when they are not using them.

The VRÜM is also extremely durable as we put it through an array of endurance tests. Although not meant to, it supported the weight of an adult male and suffered no damage. We ran it around oNinja Turtle Vrum with Strapn carpet, tile, asphalt, and concrete. It performed well on all of them and still kept the contents intact. It is extremely well manufactured.

It is truly the MacGyver of toyboxes. Parent will love it just for it’s shear convenience and kids are going to love it, just for how awesome it really is.

You can pick one up today at many retailers including Target, Toys R Us, or Amazon, or feel free to visit Wicked Toys website so you can check out all of the other great products that they offer at

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