Doctor Who: 3D Tardis Necklace


As I walked into the tavern, I caught only a glimpse, of a man sitting alone at a table in the back. I knew right away that it was him, the form might have a changed a dozen times over the last 900 and something years, but his character never changes. So the rumors were true, he was back in this part of the universe, at this point in time. I needed to know why, why today, why here, why now?

The crowd parted and for a mere moment we made eye contact. With a nod of recognition from him, I urgently made my way towards his table. But by the time I reached my destination, the only thing left to even signify that someone had been there was this pendant. A token of the legend that most believe is just a story. He had away  in his blue box, probably to save the mankind once again.

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Doctor Who Inspired Tardis 3D Necklace Pendant

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