Skyrocket Toys latest offering in the RC helicopter department is nothing short of fantastic. The  boasts Sky Viper X-Quad stunt copter all of the tricks and traits you would expect out of a high dollar remote control helicopter without the hefty price tag to go with it.

We have seen and used various other makes and models of rc copters in the $20-$50 price range and have noticed the same problems across the board. Very short battery life, flimsy construction, inability to fly high or far from the controller, and the controls are usually quite non user-friendly.

Skyrocket has completely changed the game. The controls on the Sky Viper are extremely intuitive and spot on with accuracy. We were able to land it inside of a bookcase with no problem at all. The battery life far exceeded our expectations. With most rc copters in the same price range only holding a battery life of five to ten minutes, the Sky Viper held, consistently, for twenty to thirty minutes, and the recharge process is drastically shorter. It only needed between five and ten minutes to be fully recharged.Sky Viper_XQuad pkg

The controls have alot to offer as well. The basic controls are all there: Forward, reverse, turn, etc, but the Sky Viper also offers an instant turn around feature, buttons for strafing, and a one-touch stunt button. It can perform back flips, front flips, barrel rolls, and cork screws, all at the push of a button (these also led to some of our more epic crashes).

After establishing the battery life and getting more familiar with the controls, the real fun began. We put this copter through every sort of endurance test we could come up with. Letting it fall from it’s max height, crashing into everything imaginable, even landing it in a swimming pool (which was one of our last tests, just in case that meant the end of the road). When all was said and done we were thoroughly impressed with the results. This copter can truly take a beating. We were really rough with it and the most that had to be done after a crash was to snap one of the bumpers back into place.

In the end, we had no choice but to give the Sky Viper X-Quad a resounding A+ across the board. It is easy to learn to fly, extremely durable, reasonably priced, and a blast to play with. With the holiday season lurking right around the corner, we highly recommend this copter to anyone who is looking into rc copters.

Check out the Sky Viper X-quad and all of the other great toys (including the new Sky Viper Camera Drone Copter) at

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